Shortbread Tiles


The Shortbread vector tile schema is intended to be a basic, lean, general-purpose vector tile schema for OpenStreetMap data.

It does not, and cannot, cover the full breadth and depth of OpenStreetMap tagging.

This website contains the description of the Shortbread tile schema, and instrictions on how to create Shortbread tiles.

Try it out with the tile set of the German state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg (403 MB).


Shortbread was initially made (and is currently maintained) by Geofabrik GmbH, however it is intended to be a true community project and contributions are always welcome. Geofabrik has no intention of asserting any rights over Shortbread.

This schema documentation is published under the terms of the CC-0 license, generated using the Hugo framework, and the source is on GitHub.